The first batch of BSN cross-chain services are officially launched and have been added to the testnet for developers to experience

The first batch of BSN cross-chain services are officially launched and have been added to the testnet for developers to experience

A few days ago, Boundary Intelligence, Distributed Technology and the blockchain service network BSN reached a strategic cooperation. On October 31, 2020, they respectively completed the IRITA Hub and Poly Enterprise in the BSN Interchain Communications Hub. This kind of cross-chain service is online on the BSN testnet.

BSN was jointly initiated by the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay, and Beijing Red Date Technology. It is a global blockchain infrastructure interconnection network that crosses cloud services, crosses portals, and crosses underlying frameworks. The integrated cross-chain service provided by the BSN cross-chain communication hub is a core component of the BSN technology system, which aims to enable data between various types of blockchain heterogeneous underlying frameworks to be interconnected at low cost, conveniently and reliably. At present, the cross-chain communication hub has been online on the test network, integrating two cross-chain solutions based on the relay chain mechanism, Poly Enterprise of distributed technology and IRITA of Boundary Intelligence. Everyone is welcome to experience the trial on the testnet for free and feedback questions and development suggestions. We will continue to improve the functions, and it is expected that the production commercial version will be launched in early 2021.

The alliance chain product line IRITA created by Boundary Intelligence. IRITA Hub is a cross-chain service hub product that focuses on supporting the trusted interconnection of heterogeneous systems. The original intention of its design and construction is to provide a high-security, fast, and reliable An extended, cross-chain wide, easy-to-use, multi-functional cross-chain service platform. The IRITA cross-chain service in the BSN testnet provides two example services for cross-chain calls: one is the MintBase contract deployed on the Ethereum Ropsten network. You can publish Fabric or FISCO BCOS application contracts in the BSN testnet for cross-chain calls. One of the NFT services; the other is the FISCO BCOS certificate deposit contract deployed on the BSN test network, you can publish the Fabric application contract to call the certificate deposit service across the chain.

Poly Enterprise, a cross-chain interoperability protocol initiated by Onchain, can realize cross-chain interoperability of any information between heterogeneous chains, allowing seamless collaboration between heterogeneous alliance chains. The Poly Enterprise cross-chain service in the BSN test network integrates the four blockchain frameworks of Fabric, FISCO BCOS, Ethereum, and Neo, and supports the Fabric application chain, FISCO BCOS application chain, Ethereum Ropsten, and Ethereum Ropsten in the BSN test network. Cross-chain calls between application smart contracts on Neo Testnet.

The BSN cross-chain communication hub adopts a heterogeneous chain cross-chain protocol and a two-layer structure design, using a relay chain as a cross-chain coordinator, multiple heterogeneous chains as a cross-chain transaction executor, and Relayer as a porter of cross-chain information By solving issues such as the validity, security, and transactional nature of cross-chain information, a safe, easy-to-use, and efficient cross-chain system has been realized, supporting the following features:

Support isomorphic chain and heterogeneous chain;

Support any information cross-chain;

The access is simple and convenient, the application chain does not need to be customized development and adaptation, only the smart contract of two application chains needs to be deployed;

Transactional support, which not only supports application scenarios with final transaction consistency requirements, but also supports application scenarios with strong transaction consistency, which can support any transaction and can be extended to any number of chains;

The cross-chain protocol is safe and reliable. Based on cryptography, consensus algorithms, etc., each application chain can verify the legitimacy of cross-chain transactions on its own, thereby ensuring the security of cross-chain interactions.

For more help and examples on the development of cross-chain services, please refer to **"Blockchain Service Network Help Manual"**.

1. View on computer

Developers log in to the BSN official website portal and enter the "Help Manual" in the upper right navigation bar.

2. Mobile viewing

Follow the "Blockchain Service Network BSN" WeChat official account, select the menu "Help", and select "Online Help" to view.