Alibaba architects carefully organize: JVM+MySQL+distributed+microservices, the sword points to Ali, the charge

Alibaba architects carefully organize: JVM+MySQL+distributed+microservices, the sword points to Ali, the charge


Every programmer has a dream of a big factory, and the Internet big company bears the brunt of it. Alibaba is naturally the most popular. This book list carefully compiled by the architect of Alibaba , it will be easy to get into the big factory. Let s take a look. Bar:

In-depth understanding of the advanced features and best practices of the Java virtual machine JVM

Due to the limited space of the platform articles and the excessive details, only some of the knowledge points are screenshots for a rough introduction, and each small node has more detailed content! Interested friends can   obtain relevant documents for free by viewing the  blogger's homepage

  • The first part approached java
  • The second part of the automatic memory management mechanism
  • The third part of the virtual machine execution subsystem
  • The fourth part of the program compilation and code optimization
  • Part 5 Efficient Concurrency

In-depth understanding of the advanced features and best practices of the Java virtual machine JVM PDF sharing

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The two main lines of "Technical Principle" and "Practical Application" run through the book. While explaining the working principle and core knowledge of the Java virtual machine, it also uses popular language and representative cases to describe the development of the Java virtual machine and application programs. The most closely related content. By reading this book, you can learn and explore the secrets of the operation of the Java virtual machine in a relatively easy way.

High-performance MySQL

  • Chapter 1 MySQL Architecture and History
  • Chapter 2 MySQL Benchmarking
  • Chapter 3 Server Performance Analysis
  • Chapter Schema and data type optimization
  • Chapter 5 Creating High-Performance Indexes
  • Chapter 6 Query Performance Optimization
  • Chapter 7 MySQL Advanced Features
  • Chapter 8 Optimizing Server Settings
  • Chapter 9 Operating System and Hardware Optimization
  • Chapter 10 Copy
  • Chapter 12 High Availability
  • Chapter 13 MySQL in the Cloud
  • Chapter 14 Application Layer Optimization
  • Chapter 15 Backup and Recovery
  • Chapter 16 MySQL User Tools

High-performance MySQL PDF sharing

  • brief introduction

This book is a classic in the MySQL field and has a wide range of influence. The third edition has updated a lot of content, not only covering the new features of the latest MySQL 5.5 version, but also about new content related to solid state disks, high scalability design and database in the cloud computing environment, the original benchmark test and The performance optimization part has also been extensively expanded and supplemented. The book is divided into 16 chapters and 6 appendices. The content covers MySQL architecture and history, benchmark testing and performance analysis, database software and hardware performance optimization, replication, backup and recovery, high availability and high scalability, and MySQL and MySQL in the cloud Related tools and other aspects. Each chapter is a relatively independent topic, and readers can selectively read it individually.
This book is not only suitable for database administrators (DBA) to read, but also suitable for developers to learn for reference. No matter it is a database novice or an expert, I believe they can gain something from this book.

Principle, architecture and implementation of distributed real-time processing system

Chapter 1 Overview of Distributed Computing

Chapter 2 Distributed System Communication Fundamentals

Chapter 3 High-Level Abstraction of Communication System

Chapter 4 Entering C+ + High-Performance Programming

Chapter 5 Distributed Real-time Processing System

Chapter 6 Programming Interface Design of Real-time Processing System

Chapter 7 Service Component Design and Implementation

Chapter 8 Management Service Design and Implementation

Chapter 9 Real-time Processing System Programming Interface Implementation

Chapter 10 Reliable Message Processing

Chapter 11 Communication System Design and Implementation

Chapter 12 Transactional Topology Implementation

Chapter 13 Multilingual Interface

Chapter 14 Squared Design and Implementation-Implementation of high-level abstract primitives

Chapter 15 Actual Combat: Log Stream Processing

Chapter 16 Actual Combat: Frequent Combination Search

Chapter 17 Actual Combat: Deploying Hurricane Real-Time Processing System on AWS and Alibaba Cloud

With the steep increase in capacity requirements of the Internet system, many seemingly simple storage scenarios are facing huge capacity problems and stability risks, and most of these problems can be avoided through the rational use of caches. Readers will get ideas to deal with these problems from this book, and will also have a systematic understanding of distributed caching.

Spring Cloud microservices in action

  • Chapter 1 Basic Knowledge
  • Chapter 2 Microservice Construction: Spring Boot
  • Chapter 3 Service Governance: Spring Cloud Fur eka
  • Chapter 4 Client Load Balancing: Spring Cloud Ribbon
  • Chapter 5 Service Fault Tolerance Protection: Spring Cloud Hystrix
  • Chapter 6 Declarative Service Invocation: Spring Cloud Feign
  • Chapter 7 API Gateway Service: Spring Cloud Zuul
  • Chapter 8 Distributed Configuration Center: Spring Cloud Config
  • Chapter 9 Message Bus: Spring Cloud Bus
  • Chapter 10 Message-driven microservices: Spring Cloud Stream
  • Chapter 11 Distributed Service Tracking: Spring Cloud Sleuth

Spring Cloud microservice actual combat PDF sharing

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The "microservice" architecture has been widely spread in recent years and has become very hot, so that open source frameworks and tools related to the microservice architecture have become more and more active, such as: Netflix OSS, Dubbo, Apache Thrift, etc. Spring Cloud Also because of the wide popularity and strong influence of the Spring community in the enterprise application field, it has received great attention from architects and developers.