One trick to get the SMS verification code service unstable

One trick to get the SMS verification code service unstable

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Of course, after a sentence, it may seem that the shield is not professional enough. Next, friends of shields who want to understand this issue carefully, please listen to me carefully.

The SMS verification code is unstable, and the SMS reception may be delayed or even unable to be received. The user is very anxious and the consequences are serious. The instability of the verification code is mostly caused by the low quality of the channel of the connected SMS verification code service provider. The formal service provider needs to have related business operation licenses, ISO9001 certification, and related company certificates.

To solve the problem of instability, the following steps are required:

1. When selecting a service provider, confirm the qualification of the service provider. Can you provide professional SMS verification code services? Is the service formal? Are the qualifications complete? (Such as the value-added telecommunications business license, code number certificate, business license and other documents backed up by the Ministry of Information)

2. Choose multiple alternatives: When there is a problem with a certain channel, there are alternative channels to achieve.

3. Complete service providers: China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom's SMS service platforms can best support them.

4. Professional operation team: Choosing a professional operation team can ensure the smoothness of the SMS verification code service, and at the same time can have a comprehensive understanding of the usage at any time, and the quality of service is guaranteed.

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