Post-90s programmers have become a monk

Post-90s programmers have become a monk

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The term Buddhism is very popular recently. The so-called Buddhism probably means: yes, no, no fight, no grab, no win or lose! As our post-90s programmers, we also have such a change in our daily work and life, from worrying about small things to not worrying about gains and losses.

So I interviewed a few programmers, let's listen to their stories about Buddhism, and see if you have the same resonance with them.

Data Analyst | Buddhist Communication

A year ago I was still in my senior year. That year I found a startup company in Nanjing as a Java development intern. Although it was an intern, the company had a small number of people, so I was almost the one who took care of it from the beginning to the end. Only after development did I know the pain of a function being changed by the boss or product manager.

For example, the sharing function of a certain page may be: "Add to go"-"Remove"-"Add to go"-"Remove"... This way, you have to modify back and forth many times, many times, as if you Can't see where the end is. At that time, everyday life was full of complaints, resentment towards product managers and bosses for being unstable and changing some functions, as if the next time they said to change back, I wanted to punch.

But later I discovered that resentment can't change the status quo. Instead, it makes me more unwilling to write code, and sometimes even write bad and buggy code because of my mood. Later, I gradually began to accept and get used to all of this. Of course, I would communicate more to help my boss make decisions if I could, instead of their brainstorming decisions that would deny me many days of work.

Back-end development | Buddhism to find objects

In view of the bad impressions of many programmers circulating in the arena: Forever plaid jeans, black-framed glasses, black backpacks, big slippers and big pants, in the blind date market, it is too early to be ridiculed and ridiculed.

I decided to attract people with inner beauty. I learned how to repair computers and other home appliances, how to cook vegetables, and also learned guitar and flower arranging. After get off work every day, I squatted at home and watched various teaching videos and materials, and then repaired a notebook of my own, broke the refrigerator, made the braised meat burnt, the guitar can only talk about the little stars, and the flower arrangements are posted to the circle of friends. No one liked it.

You asked me what specialties I learned, and I really haven't, but in the past six months I have had a full and comfortable life, relaxed and contented, the target, if there is no one, then there will be no.

Game Development | Buddhism Year-end Award

Before I didn t have a job, I heard that programmers were very skilled, had repaired computers and a lot of home appliances, did a good game, and developed a great app. The most important thing is the year-end bonus of hundreds of thousands. It ranges from a million.

Going to work with enthusiasm, but for the first half of the year, I was chased by the product manager every day to change my needs, was tested and rejected bugs, was scolded by the operation and did not understand the users, went to work normally at 996, and worked overtime from time to time until late at night. The product was hot, and I came to a 20-month year-end bonus, but in the end I found that I hadn't won a few bonuses for the project.

After making a few tepid products, I think it s a 20-month year-end award. It s hard to find, go to get off work and work normally, work hard, focus on technology, fitness and health, life is just tepid and flat Unsurprisingly, it is actually a happy life of contentment~

Python Engineer | Buddhism Repair Computer

I don t know where the news came from. Those who learn computers must be able to repair computers. As long as they work with computers, they must be able to repair computers, especially when you are a programmer. It's dead, your friends can always think of you the first time.

Once I was very tired of other people's requests for computer repair, even a CAD or PS request, some people would find me, the reason: I am a programmer. Once I had to refute it, telling them righteously that I don't know how to repair computers, nor do I specialize in repairing computers.

Later, I couldn t endure the torture of my family and relatives. I bought a few books and watched a few sets of videos to master the basic computer repair routines. Now when I encounter a computer repair request, I can still help others if it is simple and easy to solve. , The others will be skipped directly.

Front-end development | Buddhist hairline

When I was in high school, I secretly laughed at the top of the math teacher's missing hair in my back; in college, I laughed at the computer teacher's Zhongnanhai, which was deliberately blocked. Until after work, I gradually found that the foreheads of the programmers around me were leaking more and more, becoming smoother and smoother, and sometimes even under strong light, the light spared no effort to refract in my eyes.

I started to panic and started looking in the mirror every day to see my hairline. In order to postpone this matter as quickly as possible, I even used a pen to mark the seeds of my head secretly. I pay attention to the hair that flows with the water every time I wash my hair, and finally my hairline slowly goes back.

I started to panic, so I asked Google on the Internet and then asked the doctor. I tried various remedies and various medicines, but found that it was useless. So I simply left the matter behind, didn't think about it, didn't fight for work, didn't fight for life, and then I found that I could also accept the hairline in a calm mind.

Blockchain | Buddha's Bitcoin



, A programmer who has studied virtual currency. I once met a young man who was pursuing me, who was well-rounded and well-colored. By analyzing the big data of Moments, we can see that in the past six months he loves sports, is good at cooking, has exquisite photos, and exquisite filters. He can basically be sure that he is a boy with normal three views and good aesthetics.

As my birthday approached, he began to secretly test my preferences. Once at a meal, he accidentally learned that I was studying virtual currency, his brows tightened, then he stretched, and nodded thoughtfully. I was surprised secretly, thinking that this kid didn't want to give me bitcoins, according to the current market, this is forcing me to sell myself.

For the sake of face, I can't pick up my guess, I can only quickly say that this thing is very expensive, very expensive, I don't do this thing now, I don't do it, I don't do it. He waved his hand, saying it's not expensive, but he didn't expect you to play this. I was anxious, so I had to prepare for the refund first.

The birthday is coming soon. When I got off work that day, I saw him waiting at the door with a small box in his hand.

I stepped forward and he handed it to me.

I took it, his face was solemn.

I opened the box and saw six QB point cards.

5.sheets of one hundred, one sheet of thirty.

On the back of thirty, it says "I used ten yuan."

I was expressionless and calm. I gladly accepted and thanked me.

I went home and reinstalled my QQ, gave myself a major health care, and rushed through the process: I lighted up the VIP and bought the QQ show.

Suddenly, I felt that the world's wish was gone, and there was no desire or desire.

I gently closed the computer and started to evolve and rise.

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