[Translation] 23 developer blogs to watch in 2019

[Translation] 23 developer blogs to watch in 2019

If you are looking for programming skills, or want to know what is new in the programming world? So, the list of the best developer blogs of 2019 we brought today must be your dish. These blogs will help you discover new tools and give you inspiration for programming skills.

Let's see it together!

1.The Netflix Tech Blog

If you haven't heard of Netflix, you might be a bit "isolated". In recent years. Online streaming media platforms are developing rapidly.

Since its launch in 1997, Netflix has nearly 118 million streaming media users worldwide. It has also become one of the local technology giants, attracting many outstanding developers to work for it.

In order to facilitate a deeper understanding of everyone, they opened a Netflix technical blog on Medium. You can learn about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates its systems and engineering organization.

Address: techblog.netflix.com/

2.Code as Craft

If you live in the United States, you should often shop at Etsy. This is an online shopping site featuring the buying and selling of handicraft products.

Similar to the Netflix technical blog, Etsy engineers also share their results and experience on a technical blog called "Code a craft".

Address: codeascraft.com/


If you want to learn more JS skills, you must visit the Phpied blog. It is operated by Stoyan Stefanov. The author of the blog, Stoyan Stefanov, is an engineer at Facebook, a former Yahoo, and architect of YSlow 2.0 performance tools, as well as a developer of smush.it image optimization tools.

Address: www.phpied.com


It is one of the few Indian developer blogs that can provide valuable information. It was founded by Arun Kumar and covers most popular programming languages.

There are also many free courses for you to choose from on this platform. Even if you are a novice, you will benefit.

Address: www.codesdope.com/blog/

5.Coding Horror

This blog was created by Jeff Atwood in 2004. As the co-founder of StackOverFlow, he also founded StackExchange.

There are many programming-related articles on his blog for your reference and learning.

Address: blog.codinghorror.com/

6.Scott Hanselman Blog

Scott is a programmer, speaker, and teacher. He has worked for companies such as Microsoft and CheckFree. His blog covers a wide range of content, from technology, culture, the Internet to daily life records, etc.

Address: www.hanselman.com/blog/


TechieDelight has more than 900 programming-related articles, and you will also find some code snippets, tools and other useful things. If you are a Java, C++, etc. developer, you can go up and take a look.

Address: www.techiedelight.com

8.MongoDB Blog

Are you using MongoDB? Well, you need any help about it, and browsing their official blog is a good way. In addition to MongoDB, you will also find a lot of useful content.

Address: www.mongodb.com/blog


Do you know anything about Baron Schwartz?

He is a software engineer, well-known for his contributions to the MySQL database. He is currently the founder and CTO of VividCortex.

If you want to learn more about his technical journey, you can read his article on Xaprb. He has written many articles on technology, entrepreneurship, etc. Maybe you can find inspiration.

Address: www.xaprb.com/blog/

10.LinkedIn Engineering Blog

You may often use LinkedIn, but if you want to understand the details of the technical development behind the platform, then you must read LinkedIn's technical blog. Recently, they have conducted an in-depth sharing of research on how to build a contact system on the LinkedIn platform .

Address: engineering.linkedin.com/blog

11.Facebook Code

Like Netflix and LinkedIn, Facebook s engineering team often shares technical content on their blog "Facebook Code", and there are also some video resources on their blog.

Recently they published some great articles on AI research. If you are interested, you might as well go up and have a look.

Address: code.facebook.com/posts/

12.Twitter Engineering blog

As a well-known technology company, Twitter has a great innovative technology team. As an engineer, I recommend that you regularly browse Twitter s technical blogs, they will regularly share interesting stories. A while ago, they shared how to use neural networks for smart cropping, you can check it out if you are interested.

Address: blog.twitter.com

13.DropBox Tech Blog

If you are a data scientist, I believe you will be deeply interested in the technology behind the world's largest cloud platform.

They share a lot of research cases and some interesting things on the blog. This technical blog should be your dish.

Address: tech.dropbox.com


As one of the well-known websites for programmers, Sitepoint has provided about 240 e-books and related resources on the platform. The blog mainly covers topics such as Wordpress, Web and JavaScript. At the same time, it also has an active forum to facilitate interaction and communication among peers.

Address: www.sitepoint.com


StickyMinds is an old software testing blog, started in 2001. It is the first choice for software testers and QA professionals. Anyone interested in software testing can learn more about the latest testing technology and get some guidance and suggestions through the articles in the blog.

If you are working in software testing, then I highly recommend this blog to you.

Address: www.stickyminds.com/


As a developer, you must have used Mozilla's Firefox browser, and the technical blog created by Mozilla is also one of the technical blogs worth paying attention to. Not only can you understand the latest Internet trends, but you can also read articles about Mozilla version updates, major events, and more.

Address: blog.mozilla.org/

17.CodePen Blog

Over the years, CodePen has accumulated rich and valuable resources for developers, and its technical blog is the same. The blog covers related content like challenges, events, conferences, etc. For front-end developers, you can learn a lot of practical programming skills here.

Address: blog.codepen.io

18.A List Apart Blog

If you are a web developer, then you will love this blog. This blog has many tutorials and guides, which are very useful for website developers. In addition, you can also gain knowledge of design related to Web font typography, user experience, brand identity, etc.

Address: alistapart.com/

19.CSS Tricks

If you want to delve into CSS, then the CSS Tricks blog is a good place. In addition to learning CSS knowledge and skills, you can also find some useful code snippets. There is also a special job recommendation column on the blog to help UI designers and front-end developers understand the needs of the company and get on board quickly.

Address: css-tricks.com/

20.Codrops Blog

Similar to CSS Tricks, Codrops is also a blog focusing on web design and development. It will publish some of the latest web trends, technologies, and newly explored articles and tutorials.

Address: tympanus.net/codrops/

21.OverOps blog

If you are passionate about Java and .NET technologies, the OverOps blog is a good place to improve your skills. When I was browsing on it recently, I stumbled upon an article "100 Best Java Libraries in 2018" and was instantly amazed.

They will also hold webinars and you will find some useful e-books.

Address: blog.overops.com/

22.Code The Web

Another blog focusing on front-end development. The content of the blog covers HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the articles are easy to understand and explain in simple terms.

Address: codetheweb.blog/

23.CodeSignal Blog

This San Francisco-based company is trying to change the way developers program through their blog "CodeSignal". For CTOs and senior developers who are hiring junior developers, this blog is very useful.

Address: codesignal.com/blog/


I hope this blog list shared today will help you. So, which blog is your favorite? You are also welcome to leave a message to share with everyone.

Thank you for reading. If you have gained something, please like and share.


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