[Performance optimization notes sharing] Github has starred 72k limit! Ali throws out 878 pages of performance optimization notes!

[Performance optimization notes sharing] Github has starred 72k limit! Ali throws out 878 pages of performance optimization notes!


Since we entered the software industry, the importance of performance has been repeatedly emphasized.

While studying, we learned a lot of computer professional courses and spent a lot of time discussing how to make our computer system get better performance. And when we look for a job, most companies will test the algorithm and ask about the complexity of the algorithm during the written test and interview. Being able to write programs with lower time complexity and better performance than other competitors is the key to candidates getting a job.

Currently, systems with performance problems are caused by a system bottleneck in nine out of ten. As long as you find the performance bottleneck, analyze the cause of the bottleneck, prescribe the right medicine, and use a reasonable method to solve the system bottleneck, you can fundamentally improve the performance. So how can we do a good job of performance tuning? What are the performance tuning standards and strategies? **Let s talk about these issues through two highly praised performance optimization actual documents on the market. Due to space limitations, it can only be displayed in screenshots. Friends who need the full version of the high-definition PDF can help like the article. After following me, add it directly at the end of the article to get it for free!

  • Theory

Chapter 1 Overview of Java Performance Tuning

Chapter 2 Design Optimization

Chapter 3 Java Program Optimization

Chapter 4 Parallel Program Development and Optimization

  • Parallel Programming Mode
  • JDK multitasking execution framework
  • JDK concurrent data structure
  • Concurrency control method
  • "Lock" performance and optimization
  • Lock-free parallel computing
  • Coroutine

Chapter 5 JVM Tuning

  • Java virtual machine memory model
  • JVM memory allocation parameters
  • Basics of Garbage Collection
  • Common tuning cases and methods
  • Practical JVM parameters
  • Practical JVM tuning

Chapter 6 Java Performance Tuning Tools

  • Practical articles

How can we do a good job of performance tuning?

How to formulate performance tuning standards and strategies?

Java programming performance tuning

Multi-threaded performance tuning

In concurrent programming, when multiple threads access the same shared resource, we must consider how to maintain the atomicity of the data. At this time, we must consider the issue of multi-threaded performance tuning.

JVM performance monitoring and tuning

JVM is regarded as a high-frequency question in interviews. Under normal circumstances, people will always ask: Please explain the memory model of VM, have you done performance tuning of JVM? The reason why JVM is so important is because JVM not only bears Java words The analysis and execution of the code section also has a built-in automatic memory allocation management mechanism. This mechanism can greatly reduce the risk of memory leakage and memory overflow that may be caused by the manual allocation and recovery mechanism, so that Java developers do not need to pay attention to the memory allocation and recovery of each object, and thus focus more on the business itself. So this one must be mastered.

Design pattern tuning

In architecture design, we often use some design patterns to optimize architecture design. Here will combine some complex application scenarios to share design optimization cases.

Database performance tuning

MySQL database is one of the most frequently used databases by Internet companies. Not only is it open source and free, but MySQL's excellent performance, stable service, and active community have all contributed to its core competitiveness.

Practice field

The content of comprehensive actual combat is based on what has been said before, and it will truly lead you to actual combat operations.

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The performance of software and hardware determines the jobs of many people and companies. In the past, Moore's Law guaranteed that hardware performance would double every 18 months. But because processor vendors have approached the limit of Moore's Law, many developers will have to tune software to achieve higher performance in the future. **This also means that in the next ten years, the skills of software performance analysis will become more and more important. **If you are confused in performance optimization during an interview or study, then these two documents will definitely help you. Friends who need the full HD PDF will help to like the article. After paying attention to me, add the assistant directly. Available for free