From the 20 key points of WeChat's future development summarized by Zhang Xiaolong's 2019 WeChat Open Class, can you seize the opportunity?

From the 20 key points of WeChat's future development summarized by Zhang Xiaolong's 2019 WeChat Open Class, can you seize the opportunity?

Speaking of dry goods, what are the future development plans of WeChat talked by Zhang Xiaolong in this speech? What are the focus of the next work of the WeChat team? I read the complete lecture several times intensively and summarized the following 20 points:

1. WeChat advocates the importance of good products, so it will not place advertisements on the startup page ;

2. Persisting in being a good tool that keeps pace with the times and allowing creators to reflect their value is the original intention and driving force of WeChat ;

3. WeChat will not focus on improving the length of your stay in the APP, but will focus on optimizing the product for the convenience of users ;

4. WeChat will develop the function of information association in the future to help you remember who a certain friend of yours is when you need it;

5. In the future, we will continue to optimize the search of WeChat applets . Not only can you search for applets, but you can also search for the content in the applets . For example, if you search for the flight number, you can directly search the corresponding applets, which is convenient for you to query information;

6. A comprehensive evaluation system for small programs will be launched, and it is also an evaluation system based on the social interaction of acquaintances. For example, when you buy something, you will see a good comment from your friends and help you make a decision;

7. Optimize the mini program to retrieve. There are recently used and star icons, which can be quickly retrieved through the pull-down of the WeChat main interface, but it is not enough;

8. WeChat 7.0 has a new enhanced reminder function , which will be used for message push in the future. For example, if you go to eat Haidilao, scan a code at the door to get a number, and authorize it to be a one-time reminder . Then you go shopping, and you will receive a reminder when you are almost in line;

9. For small games , I hope people who have never played games can make creative content that is different from common games;

10. The reading data of the official account conforms to the 28th law , WeChat will continue to encourage more high-quality creators to join , and will also make more attempts in form, including but not limited to existing audio and video, etc.;

11. Continuously optimize the video dynamics , hoping to make up for the shortcomings of the circle of friends, and be able to show the real status of users;

12. Take a look, there are two sections, one is good-looking and the other is selected. The former is social recommendation, and the latter is machine recommendation. Both functions are used to optimize public reading, but the former is obviously better;

13. The content arrangement of WeChat subscription accounts is not an information flow, but a way of displaying in the order of subscription. WeChat does not consider information flow, but only considers a reasonable way to present information;

14. WeChat will "make good use" of AI. AI is just a tool and cannot be used to control people;

15. Enterprise WeChat will be online during the Spring Festival this year. Users of Enterprise WeChat or companies can apply for red envelopes in Enterprise WeChat ;

16. Follow-up WeChat will strengthen the emotional weight and the fun of interaction by adding self-made emoticons to the WeChat red envelope. For example, you can customize an emoticon and put it in, so that your red envelope more reflects your true heart;

17. WeChat Pay has a deeply hidden function, which is the family card. I suggest you try it and open it for your parents;

18. WeChat will focus on optimizing the card package function, hoping to make an automatic association between consumer behavior and electronic intelligence, and become a channel for connecting people to offline consumption, achieving better connections, so that you don't need to bring so many cards when you go out.

19. The follow-up of enterprise WeChat will be optimized based on the concept that every employee of the enterprise becomes the window of enterprise services. For example, if you add a 4S store brother Enterprise WeChat, the dialogue interface between you and him is the service menu of the 4S store, and the brother is Your manual "program"

20. WeChat carries a lot of things, but it will not increase indefinitely. Later, we will use different APPs around WeChat to try some other service forms that have a certain relationship with WeChat. It's like reading on WeChat.

So far, there are 20 items in total, I hope it will be useful to you.

Introduction: In the more than 4 hours of this public lecture, Zhang Xiaolong talked about the design principles of WeChat, the history of WeChat, the original intention and driving force, making the best tools and optimizing the length of stay, mini programs, mini games, public accounts , WeChat Social, Reading, Information Flow, WeChat AI, About Kindness, WeChat Pay, Enterprise WeChat, Demographic Dividend, a total of 15 parts...

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